Mission and Values

Learning and Growing with Christ

St Mark’s has a strong commitment to high-quality education that not only equips students with knowledge, skills and understanding, but also empowers them to live and act with love, care and respect.


Led by God, St Mark’s provides a quality education, developing an individual’s potential and encouraging all to reflect Christ’s love in care and service to others.


As a Lutheran School, our faith is the cornerstone of St Mark’s. Therefore, we foster and support 11 core values to guide our students’ growth in their individual learning, as well as their personal and spiritual development.

Love – We reflect God’s love for us in our interactions with others.

Forgiveness – We forgive others as God forgives us and in doing so, we recognise the wrong, seek reconciliation and begin anew.

Integrity – We display a moral character based on honesty, truthfulness and faithfulness.

Patience – We display patience through perseverance and self-control.

Respect – We are considerate of others, honour their role and recognise their worth as individuals.

Justice – We interact with others in a fair and equitable manner.

Cooperation – We work together harmoniously, and in doing so, acknowledge differences but remain focused on achieving common goals.

Service – We give selflessly of our time and talents for others.

Hope – We face the future with confidence, in anticipation of the possibilities God holds for us.

Compassion – We care for, and have empathy with, the situations of others as we walk alongside them.

Excellence – We encourage all to aim for excellence through realising their potential.