Purpose and Values


Our purpose is to inspire each learner today to shape the world of tomorrow, encouraged and cared for in a community drawn together by shared Christian Values.


Our values form the foundation of our teaching, learning and community at St Mark’s. Our students engage with our values throughout their primary schooling. Our values-based education strives to support students as they develop academically and as young people, growing in confidence, nurturing curiosity, sharing their time and talents with others, and treating themselves and others with kindness and respect.

Love – We reflect God’s love for us by caring for others and treating everyone with kindness and respect.

Courage – We welcome challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, moving forward with optimism and confidence.

Curiosity – We view the world in wonder, open-minded and inquiring, seeking opportunities to explore, discover and learn.

Service – We give generously of our time and talents for others.