Connections to Cornerstone College

Through our partnership with Cornerstone College, our students can extend their Lutheran education beyond primary school through to end of their senior schooling.

St Mark’s students are given priority enrolment status for entry into Year 7 at Cornerstone College. Our students also connect regularly with Cornerstone College to build personal links and familiarity with the school, its teachers and facilities so that when they attend they already have a strong sense of belonging.

Family Loyalty Discount – HILS (Hills Integrated Lutheran Schools)

Families who have at least one child at both Cornerstone College and St Mark’s Lutheran School, St Michael’s Lutheran School or Lobethal Lutheran School, will receive a Family Loyalty Discount. 

In 2024, the HILS Family Loyalty Discount has been extended to recognise the number of children attending these primary schools.  The HILS Family Loyalty Discount is provided in addition to the St Mark’s family / sibling discount. 

There are two components to the HILS Family Loyalty Discount:

  1. $200 off each child’s school fees at St Mark’s Lutheran School.
  2. $800 off the eldest child’s school fees at Cornerstone College for each child attending St Mark’s Lutheran School.

Discounts to St Mark’s family tuition fees will be applied upon receipt of the completed application (attached below) being received by St Mark’s. Please note that St Mark’s will then forward all applications onto Cornerstone College for their processing.

HILS Family Loyalty Discount Application 2024