Student advocacy leads to a new look

Girls welcome St Mark’s uniform change driven by one of their own.

Student advocacy is a highly-valued aspect of life at St Mark’s. We respect our students’ views about their learning and their school environment.

When our student Jayla wrote to Principal James Heyne requesting that the school consider adding an option for girls to wear shorts as part of the school uniform, we saw this as an opportunity to deliver an outcome to create greater flexibility and comfort for our students.

The new tailored shorts are available to any of our female students who prefer the choice over our other formal summer uniform selections. They add to the pants options we already offer girls in both the formal and sport winter uniforms, and the skort and short options we have for the summer sport uniform.

Cooperation and respect are two of our 11 core values and student advocacy is just one way in which we offer our students the opportunity to begin valuable conversations and instigate change – life skills that will serve them well beyond their schooling years.

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